Next monthly Ceili January 6th!

Sunday January 6th, 4pm-8pm

Mark your calendars for the First Sunday of each month at the Doric Lodge in Fremont (Free Parking on Sundays in Fremont). Everybody welcome; dancers, musicians, kitchen helpers and onlookers. Suggested donation will include everyone and the place is easy to find.

A Ceili is a lot more than traditional Irish dancing…….we are making  it a Family event where children and adults will learn and practice dancing to live music. The dances are traditional and include line dances like The Siege of Ennis, The Walls of Limerick and The Haymakers Jig. Instructors will help beginners and everyone will have an opportunity to get on the floor and dance to their ability without any pressure. We will also teach the Waltz, Hornpipe and basic steps for social dancing e..g.

Bring a dish if you’d like! It’s going to be a fantastic time!!!


Connect Ireland

Last evening, Carrigaline met with the Connect Ireland representative who is visiting Seattle for the first time. It was a fabulous gathering. Connect Ireland is totally involved in helping Ireland make it through the rough years – and doing this by connecting with the diaspora. That is you and me.

As are we! We want to help.

Carrigaline’s Gathering trip together with Seattle Irish Dancers for April 2013  has the same intention – bringing friends and music/dance to Ireland to help keep people’s energy, spirits and ability high as they negotiate the road ahead, to cope with the dire economic situation they find themselves in. Sure there is a lot of disappointment, even anger and resentment over the bank calamities and the act that no-one was held; accountable no one is in jail… but they have adopted a very healthy plan to forge ahead and get through the hard times. It is not like we haven’t been there before. In fact we have been there many times in the past. The difference today is that we can call on help from the millions of Irish that are living with one foot in Ireland and the other foot off Ireland.

This week we are playing Terrible Beauty in Renton, Thursday 5.30 pm dinner hours. Come join in the Gathering gig. Go Carrigaliners – we are not Carrigaloners anymore. Too many friends and helpers….

Sneak preview… There is a rumor that we are going to play the Joe Heaney Commemorative Festival in Carna 2013. More news to follow as that transpires.

O thuaidh!