Inch Beach

The team split up today and went in different directions across the south of Ireland. We met up finally in Killarney and played a lively set with a trio of musicians from the town in the Grand Hotel. The place was jammed – tourists from all over the world; US, UK, Germany, Australia, Africa, China and Dingle. oooops!


Inch is my favorite beach

Alice Andrew Bob and the dancers went to Dingle to day. Bob found the perfect Bodhran and was playing it tonight. Sounded great. Alice met Maaz in the Dingle Record store and after a brief get to know you – the band played a 30 mins set that Maaaz pod casted out to the world. Live from Dingle today – Carrigaline. I swear, I cant turn my back for a minute ( I was on Inch beach getting some exercise) and the band goes viral without me.. Hmmmmmm

I just left Andrew in the chipper – he loves fish and chips – chatting to the local musician about tuning for Irish music. Before that I had to go to Scartaglen church where I met with the couple who are getting married tomorrow – and the priest. We ran through the music selection and the arrangements for accommodating the ceremony. It is predicted to be very cold and rainy in the morning – but the sunset and the clouds tonight with the full moon peaking through say otherwise

today was the best day ever – got sunburn walking on Inch. Then there were sheep….

here are a few pics to show the intense colors and the pure air. Get up the yard!


                   Carrigaline and the Seattle Irish Dance Company oogling lambs at Moll's Gap

We had a very restful Wednesday, hanging about town and mostly sleeping – playing catch up with jet lag. Then Thursday, when the weather was fine – we hightailed it to Dingle for the day getting as far as Slea Head.


                        Inch beach after last weeks storm was very spectacular

We are all looking forward toe the wedding tomorrow – it promises to be a great party. Jason and Catherinea are a fabulous couple and their families have welcomed us in as part of the extended family. Some of the wedding guests have come from as far away as Seattle and Australia…..)

Tabhair dom do Lámb….) it is a mis type on the wedding announcement for the church.

Did I mention that the Seattle Irish Dancer Company came across a wedding party – the grooms’ brother decided to surprise the groom by introducing some Irish dancing for the happy couple. It was indeed a superb surprise. Alice, Carlye, Kelsi, Margery and Taryn showed up in costume and danced up a storm. The guests at the Aghadoe Heights reception were blown away. Great coup girls…..

Inch Sheep

                         Farmer shepherding his sheep on the slopes above Inch beach

Its Friday in Kerry – and yes we have another wedding…. Yeahhhh! A cold front appears to have swept in from the north east over night. A mixture of bright sunshine and cold icy rain… hmmmmm great for high hair and dancing shoes. We’re headed to Scartaglen. I’m sure the Sweeney family will love the song – Ploughing the Rocks of Bawn.

Get up the yard!