We arrived in our new homes last evening

after a circuitous drive from

Killarney to Roundstone.

 Chris Trotter from the village of Carrigaline joined us... Yahhhh


Carrigaline played in the Claddagh Sunday for Finn McGinnty! (Photo: Dierdre Holmes)


This is the landscape we awoke to this morning.
No Lambscape as in Killarney
A windswept seascape to encourage us into the day
as if we needed encouragement!!
Andrew is foraging for food
Alice figured out the heating dilemma – much to the boy’s chagrin
Bob is wrapped in blankets planning an escape to Shannon
The dancing girls are planning their space in O’Dowds wooden floor for tonight session.


Roundstone Pier at noon on Monday... wish you were here

  There is a short trip to Cliften for some. The rest of us are staying put. grounded in Caiseal
 A walk on a windy beach.. ...think, write, listen to the sounds. Get up the Yard...
 we are thinking about the title of our new cd
 Cuckoo's Clutch
 Seal Stone
 Connemara Turf Tunes
 Its a work in progress....
 Chris Trotter at Dog Bay, Roundstone
 Welcome to the fiddler Chris Trotter who made the trip with us
 we are looking forward to playing tunes with him in Roundstone
 Thanks too to Connor Byrne who joined us in the Claddagh yesterday
 Thanks to Deirdre Holmes for being our Claddagh photographer
 Safe journey to Anthony and Nathalie on their way to Dublin. Great to see you in galway
 Fabulous to meet Danny Riordan, Kathy Dillon (and her beautiful daughter)
 and Gerard O'Mahony from Knocknacarra.
Thanks especially to Frank Fahy (FG), Deputy Lord Mayor of Galway for his facilitation of 
events at the Claddagh. We couldn't have made this happen without
his great attention to detail and his local knowledge of people and places. 
Seattle Galway sister city connection is the stronger for it.
 I love you all