Carrigaline, Co. Cork, Ireland


Carrigaline is a beautiful village in County Cork, Ireland. When I left there many years ago, it was a picturesque village on the road to Crosshaven. Today it is still picturesque, but has grown somewhat and is now a bustling town boasting a vibrant and energetic community life. Music culture and dance has been a distinct part of Carrigaline’s existence since historic times.

We plan to play at one of our favorite haunts in the village when we get there April, 2013. There is great excitement on both sides of the Atlantic as we prepare for this gathering!

News Flash!!

Put these dates on your calendar if you want to be witness to the Carrigaline gathering event in 2013. We arrive in Carrigaline and play in the Stables on Monday evening (April 22nd, 9.00 pm) – joining the fabulous musicians and continuous session that has been established in Carrigaline Village for decades. Thanks to all the great work that Chris Trotter and his friends have undertaken to put this gathering on the map…

Following evening, Tuesday April 23rd 2013 – a historic performance at the Carrigaline Court Hotel. Once again we will join with stalwarts of Irish Traditional music from local and far regions. Many good friends and new acquaintances. There will be music, song and dance and friendships that last a lifetime.

Get up the Yard!!

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