Ireland a day at a time

Carrigaline Celtic Music
PO Box 17222
Seattle WA 98127

(206) 499-0176

Traditional Irish music and dance for all occasions. Weddings a specialty. Call to arrange suitable music for parties, weddings, wakes and Christenings.

Alice Tilton, Fiddle and vocals

Andrew Anderson, Harp, Citern, Guitar, Banjo, Vocals

Bob Howell, Percussion, Bones, Bodhran, Bugaraboo

Kieran O’Mahony, Whistles, Uilleann Pipes, back-up Vocals


Seattle Irish Dancers perform with Carrigaline weekly and are traveling with us to Ireland in 2013

Get up the Yard!


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  1. We are looking for an Irish band to play at my daughter’s wedding in Lakewood WA on June 15th during the ceremony for a song or two and for the reception from 7:30 to 9:30pm. This is to be a semi traditional Scottish wedding and they want a pipes play as the groom enters. Is this something you can do and if so, how much would you charge?

  2. Hi Kieran and all the band,
    I’m writing to say a big THANK YOU for putting on a concert for my brother Finn ( he obviously made very good friends during his time in Seattle ). I really appreciate you would take time out from your busy schedule on tour here in Ireland to do an extra gig for Finn. In fact we have been keeping up with your adventures and envy you your trip to Mount Brandon.

    Along with my family, I wish you the very best for the rest of your Irish tour and we hope you get to climb a few more Irish peaks.

    Thanks again,
    Fiona MacGinty.

    • Hello Fiona
      I apologize for not replying to you before this. I think it slipped through without my seeing it…. So nice to hear from you. I didm;t even know that Finn had a sister. He and I shared a lot of very good times together and I only wish I could have seen him myself when I was in Ireland. However, traveling with twelve other people made it very difficult to connect to all the bits and pieces that we might have. Do you live near Finn. Do you see him very often. How is he doing today. Write if you get the chance

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